Questions & Answers

1.    What make the slates sustainable?

Dynaslates are made from 100% recycled UK sourced rubber and plastics and can be recycled again.

2.    Are the slates fire tested?

Yes, Dynaslates have been tested by Bodycote Warringtonfire in External Fire Exposure Roof Test (BS 476: Part 3: 2004) and have an AC classification. It applies to roofs with a pitch greater than 25°.  As such Dynaslates can be used on buildings anywhere in the UK.

It is important that building regulations are followed regarding the design and installation of the roof.

Please call to discuss pitches less than 25° or other uses such as vertical hanging.

3.    How many slates are used per square metre?

Generally there are 20 slates per square metre on a normal pitched roof, as above. Low pitches may require different spacing. Please see our Installation guide for details.

4.    How do I buy?

Please contact us with your specific Dynaslate requirement and we would be happy to refer your enquiry onwards to our partners for their expertise and advice.   

5.    Do the slates distort in the sun?

Dynaslates are more flexible than natural slate, which makes them incredibly tough.  They may distort a little on rapid heating and cooling, for example when a sun baked roof is rained on. As soon as temperature stabilizes through the slate the slight distortion will recover.

Dynaslates have been exposed to months of alternate heating and freezing tests, as well as immersion and baking, and thousands of hours of ultra violet light exposure. 

6.    Are Dynaslates harder to install than natural slates?

No, however it should be noted that distortion can also occur due to the way a slate is installed. So if the roof substructure is uneven, or a barge board is too high, or the slates are nailed unevenly or too hard then some distortion may appear instead of breaking under pressure as would a natural slate. 

7.    Can I buy a "slate-and-a-half"?

No, we do not manufacture "slate-and-a-half", but this can be easily overcome on-site using structural plastic adhesive. We recommend 3M PD-8005 (Data Sheet); available from Viking Tapes
An altenative method for minor joints is 3M 9485 (Data Sheet); available from Viking Tapes.


8.    Why is the fire certification important?

Fire certification relates to external fire exposure and is required for buildings that are close to other inhabited buildings. In general houses, outbuildings, garages etc that are not close to another houses do not require a roofing product with fire certification.

There are different separation distances from ‘relevant’ boundaries according to type of roof covering, and size and use of building. Building regulations differ in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. So advice should be sought from the local building inspectorate.

With a national AC classification Dynaslates have no separation distance restrictions so you can use them anywhere in the UK.

9.    What if I have an application that doesn’t require fire certification?

If your application does not require fire certification we may offer you a slate made from recycled materials but without fire retardant. For a special order or sufficient quantity we may be able to offer this as a special batch run at a lower cost. Please contact us to discuss further.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.