Environmental sustainability is a key phrase for all aspects of our society nowadays. Even the most traditional of industries, such as construction, have been actively seeking sustainable components that look attractive and meet ever increasing standards. The slates produced by Dynaslate Ltd, with the appearance of natural slate, offer a "green" roofing solution that can benefit your building in many ways.

Environmentally sustainable:

  • The use of recycled rubber and plastics
  • Minimum waste installation (assisting Site Waste Management Plans) 
  • No damage to slates in transit    Dynaslate on sustainable roof of Bishop Cornish Primary School in Saltash, Cornwall
  • Light weight enables savings in roof support structure  
  • Adds sustainable material credits towards BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes 
  • Potential to add approved innovation credits (BREEAM)

Roof slates produced by Dynaslate Ltd are made from sustainable materials, typically sourced from recycled tyre rubber and plastic. Dynaslates are resistant to damage and breakage, making transportation and installation practically waste free. The lower weight of the slates, 13.12kg/mfor Dynaslates compared with 40kg/m2 for natural slates (based on 20 slates per m2), enables a lighter structure, which in turn could offer lower construction costs. Architects, designers and project managers are under pressure to increase the use of recycled materials. Dynaslate Ltd can assist in meeting current regulations with no compromise on quality or aesthetics. The favourable environmental materials credit supports the sustainability assessment in accordance with BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes, often a requirement within the Planning Policy Statement.

Aesthetically pleasing:Roof in Devon with natural slates on the top and Dynaslates at the bottom

  • Appearance of natural slates 
  • Consistent in colour and finish
  • Maintenance free
  • Durable

Slates made by Dynaslate Ltd have the appearance of natural slates. Once installed it is hard to tell the difference. Dynaslates are designed to have a consistent colour and finish. They are maintenance free and once applied to the roof can be walked upon without cracking, e.g. for installing TV aerials and gutter repairs etc. Please look at the photos to see the appearance of  Dynaslates in various roofing applications.

Reliable:Robust roof with Dynaslates that can be walked on without any damage to the slates

  • Fire Test approved
  • Satisfies building regulations
  • Product made in UK

Dynaslate Ltd offers peace of mind with the assurance of the most recognised and required standards in the national roofing industry. Dynaslate has  passed External Fire Exposure Roof Test (BS 476: Part3: 2004). This relates to a pitched roof, fixed according to specification and carries no local restriction beyond building regulations. Additionally the slates are not imported as are some alternative roofing products. Dynaslates are manufactured in the UK, using UK materials and so minimise travel and carbon emissions.

Easy to install:Dynaslates hooked to the roof structure

  • Light to transfer
  • Easy and quick fixing
  • Conventional tools
  • Possible to score and snap

Dynaslates are designed to be used exactly like natural slates. They are the same size as conventional slates and require hooks and nails already used in the roofing industry; therefore can be applied with conventional tools. Dynaslates can be easily 'scored and snapped' to achieve the perfect fit to any roof. The installation of slates is also quicker than natural slates as they are three times lighter; therefore easier to transfer in bulk to the roof structure. The low weight of Dynaslates also reduces the health and safety risks involved with heavy lifting, an important aspect of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

To find more details about installation look at our Installation Guide. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.