Dynaslates are sustainable roofing slates made of recycled rubber and plastic. " />

Welcome to Dynaslate

Dynaslates. Sustainable roofing slates made of recycled rubber and plastic. Close look.

Dynaslate Ltd is a UK manufacturer of innovative roof slates made from recycled materials which offer an ideal solution for new and replacement “green” projects throughout the country.

For architects and builders, the environmental materials credits gained by using Dynaslates can help to achieve the sustainability assessment in accordance with BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes standards, often required within the Planning Policy Statements.

In addition to the ecological benefit, Dynaslates are aesthetically pleasing and have the advantage of being much lighter and at the same time more robust in comparison with natural slates which can easily break or be damaged.

Dynaslate Ltd is confident of the quality of the slates and has pursued industry product certification to provide full peace of mind. The slates have passed rigorous fire test standards.


The slates are made in the UK from UK sourced recycled materials and therefore offer a low carbon footprint. On site, the installation of the slates is simple and quick. Dynaslates are light to carry, easy to handle and can be applied with conventional skills, tools and methods. 


Dynaslate is the future for sustainable roofing!